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Welcome to the consignor profile and information area. This area has been set up so that you can check your transactions, view your online items and view any orders related to your items.  If this is the first time you have logged into this area, we recommend that you change your password - just to be on the safe side.

Let us know if you see anything wrong with the information displayed on this screen.  During our busy season, consignment items brought into the store for consignment may not be listed for several months.  We list items in the order that they were received.

Only items for sale that have been listed online can be seen on this site.  Due to our seven day return policy, monies for items sold in the store will not show as a credit until the seven day period is expired for the sale of those items.  Monies for items sold online due to mailing considerations are delayed 14 days.

 If your balance is $25.00 or greater, your consignor checks are mailed the first week of April, August and December.   One FAQ is the "Adjustment" area at the bottom of the check.  The bookkeeping for the payment includes all transactions since the last payout.  The "adjustment" is any transaction(s) where the consignor used accrued credit to pay for items purchased in the store.  Thank you for consigning with us.  Our business and service to fellow consignors is dependent upon people like you.  We appreciate your business. 


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